all about the new girl

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About the Business

Welcome to New Girl Beauty

our vision is to inspire self-confidence to everyone, everywhere by magnifying the beauty that is within.

we apply beauty principles to reveal possibilities of growth in confidence to all in the world.


 Here is where you will find amazing enhancing beauty options including, but not limited to, custom wig units, eyelash strips, beauty tools, and beauty services! There is so much to come! Meanwhile, BOOK your EYELASH EXTENSIONS appointment AVAILABLE NOW!

Thank you for selecting New Girl Beauty to meet your beauty needs! 

About the Person



I am what some may call a small town girl. Port Gibson, MS ( 35 miles south of vicksburg, where I grew up ) is where I'm from. I watched my mom, and began practicing as a Hairstylist, at the early age of 10. By the time I was 14, I had clients in my home waiting for me to get off the school bus. I say God has blessed me with a gift (smiles).

Later I attended a private beauty school in Jackson, MS where I studied the pivot Point curriculum. Talk about dreams coming true! 

fast forward...

Recently I moved to Dallas, Texas. it is totally huge! I knew when I arrived that I WAS WHERE I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE! God still has his hand on me. I started as a cashier working in a restaurant and saved... I took on a second job to pay for my next plan, and here I am! Your licensed, trained, and skilled Cosmetologist (independent contractor) and owner of New Girl Beauty!  

This is another new beginning for me. As I continue to take on new challenges, in new places, meeting new people, I encourage you to do the same! 

Be confident. Be Graceful. Be Beautiful.

Be the New Girl!